My jade plant

玉树栽培(Jade Plant)

My jade plant




下一步就是要把我的玉树养开花。曾读过2014-01-01威海晚報的一篇报道,题目是“比铁树开花还稀罕 山东玉树离奇开花”,说俗语有云:「铁树千年难开花,玉树万年不开花!」但威海一位女士养的玉树却连续三年开花。于是,我用英文去查阅,发现只要看护得法,它是可以年年开花的,不是什么太难得事,下面是要让它开花的注意事项,明年一定要试一试。

Step 1
Move the jade in mid-autumn to an area of your home where it will receive four hours of bright, filtered daylight each day, preferably in the mornings. This area needs to be in complete darkness during the night and free of any artificial light as uninterrupted long periods of darkness are necessary.

Step 2
Cut back on watering from weekly to only once or twice a month. You don’t want the plant to go completely dry with the leaves shriveling up, but do allow the plant to experience drier soil that isn’t saturated often.

Step 3
Stop fertilizing your plant from mid-autumn to early spring since leaf growth will not be active during the winter.

Step 4
Cut back your thermostat for the room your jade is in and allow the air around the plant to become cold. The nighttime temperatures can be as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit, if possible, without fear of killing off the plant.

Step 5
Repeat this process each year to keep your plant in a natural cycle of warmth during summer and cool nights in the winter. With luck, your plant may bloom every year, but such results aren’t typical.

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