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郁金香选美 My Tulips

郁金香选美 My Tulips


Heydei Mammillaria hemisphaerica 乳突球属仙人掌

The Mammillaria genus is generally found in the southwest United States and Mexico, with some spread into the Caribbean. This huge genus of plants contains at least 275 species of highly variable form, and thus are highly prized among collectors. Mammillaria are common cacti at shows, as well as ordinary garden centers, both for their appearance and their desirable traits in cultivation.

Several Outdoor Flower Plants of My Garden

Gladiolus (Blue Isle & Jester) 8″ – Top of bulb below soil line; 4 – bulbs per square foot 40-48″ – Flowering height Light – In full sun; Blooms in summer. Notes: Good for borders, excellent cut flower. Plant after danger of frost. Plant in two week intervals for extended bloom season and continuous availability […]

Sago Palm 铁树


Copper King’ (Brain Cactus)

During winter months you should better keep the plant almost completely dry. Water it only to prevent the drying of roots (normally, once per month is enough). Starting from March, the growing process is going to start. This is when watering must be increased until late May, as the plant is in its full growth.

Gasteria 鲨鱼掌属

Gasteria is a relatively rare, Aloe-like succulent whose G. verrucosa species goes by the unfortunate name of “ox tongue.” Perhaps even more unfortunately, the plant is named for the sac-like shape of its flowers, which are supposed to resemble a stomach (get it…gasteria?). The genus is native to South Africa, where they grow in lightly shaded […]

Dahlia 荷兰大丽菊