National Home Doctor Service全国家庭医生服务

最近从朋友那里得知安省多伦多等地区的“全国家庭医生服务”(National Home Doctor Service),为病情不是严重到需要叫911看急诊,但自己的家庭医生又没上班时有需要的患者提供上门看病就诊服务。我觉得这个服务想法到不错,有时确实有需要。因此,访问了他们的网站,把他们的英文自我介绍翻译在这里供大家参考。


National Home Doctor Service全国家庭医生服务

Everyone should have a family doctor. However, when your family doctor is unavailable, National Home Doctor Service can help. With more than 80 doctors in our team, National Home Doctor Service is Canada’s largest network of house call doctors. Our doctors treat patients with acute, episodic conditions (e.g. gastro, UTI, respiratory infections) evenings, weekends and public holidays.
每个人都应有家庭医生,但当您的家庭医生不上班时,National Home Doctor Service(NHDS)计划可以帮助您。NHDS有80多位医生,是加拿大最大的家庭医生网络,为急性的、偶发性的(例如胃,UTI,呼吸道感染)等疾病患者在晚上、周末和公共假期提供服务。

All services are OHIP billed. Bookings can be made 8am – Midnight 7 days a week.
所有服务费用均由省OHIP保险承担。全周上午8点 – 午夜可以预约。

Our Doctors are on the road from:
Monday – Friday: from 4pm to Midnight
Saturdays: From 9am til Midnight
Sundays and public holidays: 9am til Midnight

So, if you or a loved one needs to see a doctor (and it’s not life-threatening), but your family doctor is closed, call 416 631 3000 to book an OHIP covered, after-hours, home doctor visit and save the Emergency Department for emergencies.
所以,如果你或你的亲人需要看医生(不是危及生命的疾病),但你的家庭医生关门不看诊,则可致电416 631-3000预约。这既是OHIP保险覆盖的、下班后仍看诊的、家庭医生上门的,又可减轻医院急诊部门的工作。

Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, York, East York, Mississauga, Brampton, Malton, Woodbridge, Thornhill, Unionville, Richmond Hill, Markham, Maple. (服务地区)。

If you would like a magnet to give to family or friends please contact us at or let our operators know.

Doctor home visits. After hours. OHIP covered.

Our Doctors are on the road from 4pm weeknights, 9am Saturday,
Sunday and public holidays. Bookings accepted 8am-Midnight 7 days.
周日及公众假期提供服务。全周上午8点 – 午夜接受预约电话。



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