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郁金香选美 My Tulips

郁金香选美 My Tulips 看到比较特别的郁金香,总按捺不住买一点。几年下来,花园里的郁金香有十余种了。种类多了之后才慢慢发现它们不仅有外表美的差异,它们的“内在气质”也各有千秋。微信Moment里一次可以分享九张照片,这里就初选九种,来进行最后的评比决赛吧! 阅读全文 Read more [...]

Heydei Mammillaria hemisphaerica 乳突球属仙人掌

The Mammillaria genus is generally found in the southwest United States and Mexico, with some spread into the Caribbean. This huge genus of plants contains at least 275 species of highly variable form, and thus are highly prized among collectors. Mammillaria are common cacti at shows, as well as ordinary garden centers, both for their appearance and their desirable traits in cultivation. 阅读全文 Read more [...]